How to do blogging from mobile, complete information (2023)

There will be many people among you who want to know that How to do blogging from mobile, This is because not everyone has Laptop and Desktop Computer available, whereas almost everyone has a SmartPhone or Mobile. Whereas, since he is still in the beginning of blogging, he does not have enough money to buy a new laptop for himself.

We are understanding this because we too used to go through this phase. By the way, let me tell you that Blogging is a very good way to share your knowledge, awareness, skills etc. with others.

In today’s article we will know How to do blogging from mobile or smartphone Please provide complete information on this subject. Then without delay let’s start.

Why blog from your mobile phone?

This question will probably be in the mind of many. But I want to make it clear to you that you can hardly create a well optimized blog on your own mobile phone .

But yes, once you have started your blog on a platform like WordPress, then you may not need a computer, that too for posting or editing articles, as well as making your brand online.

I am saying this because in today’s mobile era, where everyone is in a hurry, most people do not like big blogs. In today’s time, 140-character is enough, which people like more to read, while most of the readers prefer small size content.

There was a time when we used to like to read longer articles, whereas now the era of Microblogging has come, although it seems to be more popular in a few categories. Which includes Quote, Status and Video.

How to do blogging from mobile (2023)

Mobile blogging is a convenient and useful way to express your thoughts and information. If you have a smartphone, you can blog anytime, anywhere. Let us know how to do blogging from mobile.

How to do blogging from mobile

First of all, you will need to choose a blogging platform. Platforms like WordPress and Blogger allow you to write and manage a blog on mobile. It is easy to create an account and start a blog on these platforms.

Then, you will need to choose a topic on which you want to write. This topic should be based on your knowledge, interest and needs of the readers.

While writing a blog post, make sure that your content is unique, credible and valid. Your readers should be able to solve their problems or provide new information. For SEO optimization, use keywords appropriately. These keywords will help your blog to get better ranking in search engines.

To enhance the professionalism and readability of blog posts, make use of the various tools and apps available for smartphones. For example, Grammarly can help you check your spelling and grammar, while Canva can help you create eye-catching graphics for your blog posts.

Lastly, don’t forget to share your blog post on social media platforms. This will increase the reach of your blog and increase the number of your readers.

The journey to mobile blogging can take time, dedication, and difficulties, but when done right, it can be an extremely rewarding and satisfying experience. So now take out your smartphone and start your blogging journey. From here you can get information about the necessary apps for blogging from mobile.

How to create a blog on mobile?

To create a blog on mobile, first you need to choose a blog platform. WordPress and Blogger are mobile-friendly options that you can choose from depending on your needs. They are easy to setup and provide convenient interfaces for mobile users.

The next step would be to choose the name of your blog. Its selection should be based on the topic of your blog and your target readers. Remember, your blog name is your brand identity.

Then, you will need to use themes and plugins to customize the design of your blog. Themes make your blog content look beautiful and professional, while plugins add different functionalities.

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Finally, it is time to write good and engaging content. Your content needs to be unique, original and useful so that it can attract more number of readers. It is also important to use keywords according to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so that the ranking of your blog can increase on the search engine.

If you share your blog on social media, it can lead to more views and exposure for your blog.

Blogging on mobile is now easier, but it requires patience and dedication. Your blog’s success will be decided by your passion, great content, and ability to consistently communicate with your readers. If you do all this in the right way, then your mobile blog will surely be a success.

Best Blogging Platform for Mobile Blogging

Before starting blogging, we have to choose a platform in which we publish our site. Many free hosted options are available, such as popular WordPress And Blogger, There are many apps available in both these platforms that allow users to compose, edit and publish their posts.

The main difference between Blogger and WordPress is that Blogger is a bit simpler to configure as well as use, while WordPress is easier to customize and transition them to a self-hosted site. But when you use things beyond their free things.

Whichever platform you use, both have official apps available on all major mobile platforms.

Tip: Once you have made a post on your blog, then that too through the apps mentioned above, now try to view these posts in your phone browser, that too in full site or desktop view enabled, so that you can see this How is your post visible to other non-mobile readers or desktop users?

How to do blogging from mobile

Let us now know which are the platforms which are right for a new blogger for Mobile Blogging.

1. Google Blogger

Mobile blogging does not mean that you only access your account from your phone’s web browser. Users can easily create a new mobile blog as well as merge their mobile posts into an existing blog.

Features of Google Blogger Platform

  • Availability: It supports all mobile browsers.
  • cost: Whereas the service of Google Blogger is completely free.
  • Pros: It is very easy to blog in this, while it can also be done from a very basic phone.

2. WordPress

WordPress Mobile Edition is a very popular platform for mobile blogging. In this you get a lot of plugins so that your work becomes easy. Mobile browsers are automatically detected, while they can also be easily customized.

In self-hosted installs, users can easily customize the interface for mobile browsers as well as a lot of styling.

  • Availability: These are also available in almost all OS.
  • cost: Some are free plugins, while standard WordPress prices are applicable in them.
  • Pros: In this, you are provided with a lot of facility to optimize the blog.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Blogging

Now let’s discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Blogging.

Advantages of mobile blogging

Let us now know what are the advantages of Mobile Blogging.

  1. You can do blogging anywhere in this, just you should have internet connection. That is, you can do blogging even while standing in a line.
  2. You can be very productive, which means that when you are free, you can do blogging instead of timepass.
  3. You can easily get access to your website that too anytime anywhere.

Disadvantages of mobile blogging

Let us now know what are the disadvantages of Mobile Blogging.

  1. It is very messy, whereas due to the small screen, it is not easy to do any work properly.
  2. You blogging from Smartphone Can’t do all the related work.
  3. In this you cannot edit your core website files or log in to FTP if you are using a self-hosted platform like WordPress.
  4. In this, you cannot type in high speed or you cannot make quick changes in your blog contents.
  5. It is not so easy to research a topic in this as compared to desktop blogging.
  6. Screen, keyboard, as well as functionality are all limited in this.

Can blogging be done from mobile?

Yes, you can do blogging from mobile.

Can you do blogging from mobile?

Yes, you can absolutely do blogging from mobile. I have already said many things about this which you can read above. At the same time, you can use your free time for blogging, that too from your smartphone.

Which are the best platforms for mobile blogging?

There are only two best platforms for doing mobile blogging. The first one is Google Blogger and the second one is WordPress. Out of this, I find WordPress more correct.

What did you learn today

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