How To MAke a New Blog Step by Step (2023)

One How to make a new blog, If you have heard or know about earning money from Internet, then you must know that you can easily earn money sitting at home through a blog or website. Internet is the most unique invention of today’s world. The biggest popular thing in the online world is websites and blogs.

Have you ever thought that the solutions or knowledge that we get by searching on Google, where does it come from? Does Google write these solutions for you? No, all these information are given to you by different websites and blogs. Google’s work is just that it stores the links of those websites/blogs in its database and shows them in the search results.

So let’s know our own how to create a blog account,

What is a blog?

My How to make first blog Before knowing, let’s know about the blog. Blog is a type of website which is regularly updated with fresh content. Blogs are usually written by one or more people, and they often include images, videos, or other multimedia elements.

How to make a new blog

Blogs are a great way to promote oneself, one’s products and services, or one’s business. Blogs can be used as an online resume for job seekers and will help them get noticed by potential employers.

For example, if you are looking for a new job in the hospitality industry and you have a food blog that showcases your cooking skills, you can include it in your resume to showcase your expertise in this field. would like to include.

Different Blogging Platforms

Before knowing how to create a blog, you need to know about different platforms. There are many blogging platforms available to choose from. These platforms can be classified as follows:

  • Blogger Blogger was the first platform for personal blogs. It has been around for a long time and it is still the most popular.
  • WordPress WordPress is used by over 60 million people, with over 20% of the websites on the Internet running on WordPress. It is powerful and offers lots of customization options. There are some drawbacks with this platform though, such as a lack of mobile-friendliness and the inability to host your own domain name without paying additional fees.
  • Tumblr Tumblr is very popular among younger audiences and has a different design philosophy than other blogging platforms, which can make it difficult to use if you’re not familiar with Tumblr’s interface.

How to make a blog in 2023

There are several steps involved in creating a blog, and the process varies depending on the platform you choose. Here is a guide on how to create a blog:

1. Choose a Blogging Platform

Blogger, WordPress, Wix, Tumblr and other blogging platforms are available. Select the platform that best suits your needs and expertise.

2. Choose a name for your blog

Choose a name that is unique, descriptive and easy to remember.

3. Get a Domain Name

Domain name is the web address where your blog will be hosted. You can use a free subdomain provided by the platform or you can buy a custom domain name.

4. Set Up Your Blog

To create your blog, you need to register and sign in on the platform you have chosen. Follow the instructions given by the platform.

5. Choose a Theme

Themes or templates are available on most blogging platforms. Choose a theme that best reflects the content and style of your blog.

6. Customize your blog

Customize your blog by adding widgets, changing colors and fonts, and adding your logo or header image.

7. Create Your First Post

Create your first post by selecting the option ‘Create a new post’ or ‘Write a new post’. Add your content, images, and videos.

8. Publish your post

Once you have finished writing your post, preview it, and then click on the ‘Publish’ or ‘Post’ button.

9. Promote your blog

Share your blog post on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to increase the traffic on your blog.

These are the basic steps to create a blog. Remember, blogging takes time, effort and dedication. Consistency and quality content are key to building a successful blog.

How to make a blog on google

I told you in the previous article that Blogger (Blogspot) is a product of Google. So there is no need to create an account in it. If you have a gmail account then you can access it through that. So let’s start how to create Google Blog.

Step 1. Go to blogger’s website

Open any web browser on your computer and Or Go in here you have your Gmail ID And login by giving Password. If you are already logged in to Google, then it may not ask you for login.

Step 2. Click on New Blog

After login there you will see “Create a new blog” or “Create your blog” window will appear. or on the left sidenew blogA button will be found by the name of click here

Step 3. Enter the title of your blog

To you of your blogtitleWill have to put. This is going to be the name of your blog. After that next Click on

Step 4. Enter the URL name of your blog

In the next step youAddressWhat has to be given should be unique. If your name is unique then it will tell you that,This blog address is available“If Sorry, This Blog Address is Not Available is written, then the name of the Blog Address will have to be changed. After that next Click on

Step 5. Enter your name

In the next screen you will get yourDisplay name” which is your profile name. After that “finishClick on

Now this free blogger blog of yours is ready. Whatever name you have given in the Address field, it is the address of your blog, like,

Your blog’s Dashboard will open and you will see the option of New Post “Plus”, by clicking on it you can write your post and publish it on your blog.

Free blog always comes with a sub-domain and that is, See, making a blog is very easy.

How to create a blog on wordpress

Creating a blog in WordPress is as easy as Blogger. So let’s start how to create a blog on WordPress.

Step 1. Go to WordPress website

in your computer Go to the website of Only after this you can prepare for a new blog on your WordPress.

Step 2. Click on Start Your Website

There you will get 2 options, one is website for and the other is blog For. There is no difference between the two, just gives you a chance to choose different themes according to the website and blog. You select any option.

wordpress website

Step 3. Now choose the correct category

I “blog”Selected and in the next page you will see the status of your blog. Categories asks. I hereWriting & Booksselected.

wp categories
wp categories

Step 4. Now choose the right sub-category

In the next page of your category subcategory Will show You can select any one.

Step 5. Choose the Right Theme

Then you have to select a theme, which will be the design of your blog.

wp sub-cat
wp sub-cat

Step 6. Now select Domain Name

In the next page, you will find a website for your WordPress blog. domain name Have to select, which is unique. Then youFreeHave to click on the option.

wp domain
wp domain

Step 7. Choose Free Plan for yourself

In the Plans pageFreeSelect the option of For this you will not have to pay any kind of payment.

wp plans
wp plans

Step 8. Account has to be created

Now you have to create your account. Here you just have to enter your email id and password.Create My AccountClick on the button.

wp create account
wp create account

Now your WordPress blog is ready. Just once you have to open your email account and verify the email of WordPress. your website/blog .wordpress Comes with extension. Whenever you want to login to your account, you can do it through

But the problem is that you cannot customize it as per your wish. For that you have to use self-hosted WordPress. For that you will need a domain and hosting. Once you have purchased both of these, you will be able to know the process of installing WordPress by clicking here.

All the big blogs and news sites you are seeing on the Internet, almost all of them are built on this platform. If you just want to learn how to use it, then the free one is fine for you.

How to write a blog?

You have a blogger blog below , symbol will appear and in WordPress New → Post You can write a blog by going in. Here below is a video on how you can write articles in Blogger and WordPress which will rank in Google. Must see it and apply in your blog.

How to earn money from blog?

There are some important things to earn money from blog, with the help of which you can earn lakhs of rupees per month from blog. Let us know – how to earn money from free blog…

  • You can earn money by showing advertisement on your blog.
  • blog if you want Google Adsense Earn money by placing ads. Most bloggers use adsense only.
  • You can earn commission through blog by doing affiliate marketing of any product.
  • You can earn money by selling or preparing an Ebook and selling it through a blog. Your loyal readers will definitely buy your product.
  • guest post Earn from your blog by accepting.
  • Sponsor Post is also a great option to earn money from blog. In which you publish articles written by others on your blog. At the same time, you can earn good money from this.
  • for another blog content writing Earn money even by doing it. This is often done in the early days, due to which the cost of your blog is easily removed.

Can a blog be created for free?

yes you Blogger But you can create your blog for absolutely free. But yes, if you are serious about blogging and want to make it a source of income, then you have to WordPress have to be used. In this you have to pay some money.

Is it necessary to buy a domain to start a blog?

If you create a blog on Blogger, then you get a subdomain for free, if you want, you can connect a custom domain to the Blogger blog. But to create a blog on WordPress, you need both domain and hosting.

Having a correct and appropriate domain is very important for a brandable website.

Should I start a blog in 2023?

Yes, in 2023 you should start a blog.

How to make a blog from mobile?

Just like you create a blog from computer, similarly you can create a blog from mobile. To create a blog from mobile, first open Chrome browser and from there go to or website. By creating your account here, you will be able to create a free blog with the help of the steps given above.

What is blog writing?

To write your experience and knowledge online by making a website blog writing Where are you?

How many types of blogs are there?

There are 2 types of blogs; Personal blog and professional blog.

When did the blog start?

The blog was started on 23 August 1999.

What did you learn today?

Hope you How to make a new blog and earn money Must have understood. It is very simple. You just have to follow some simple steps. If you want any information related to this, you can ask me. I will try to help as much as possible.

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