How To Recharge Free Airtel, Jio, VI, BSNL Number

Do you also want to know that on your phone How to recharge free, So welcome to this article. Free recharge is the best way to get rid of the expensive recharges offered by any operators.

In this inflation everyone wants to save their money and in such a situation no one likes to spend more money in phone recharge every day. So in such a situation, we have come up with some such suggestions for you through which you can recharge your sim for free.

Yes, you heard it right, recharge is absolutely free. According to me, everyone confuses the way to recharge for free. You will also find many free recharge tricks on the internet, but some of them work and some don’t.

but it is true that you free mobile recharge, How would you ask? Keep reading further to know this.

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What is mobile recharge?

The world’s most wonderful invention is the mobile phone, through which we can easily talk to people living in any corner of the world. To talk, we need a sim in the mobile and along with that there should be money in the sim.

How To Recharge Free
How To Recharge Free

Money is filled in the SIM through mobile recharge, so that we can always be in touch with our friends and family.

Why do mobile recharge?

We do mobile recharge so that in times of trouble or emergency, what is most useful to us is mobile only. With the help of this we can ask for help from our friends or help them.

And to talk in mobile, it is very important to have money in the SIM. You must be wondering why it is named Recharge, to explain it I want to tell you an example.

As we are humans, we work throughout the day and we need energy to do that work. We eat food for energy, only then our body gets energy.

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Now think for yourself that if we work whole day and do not even eat food, then how long will you be able to work in such a situation. If there is no energy left in your body without food, then you will not be able to do any work.

In the same way, to use the mobile, it has to be recharged and money has to be paid.

Is it possible to recharge mobile for free?

Yes, even in today’s time you can get free recharge where people kill their loved ones just for some money. Here the question arises that who gives free recharge?

Many of you will know the answer to this and those who do not know, let me tell them that there are companies that provide free recharge in the form of apps, for which you need to download some other apps through these apps in your Android device.

Through these apps, you can recharge for free in any sim whenever you want. To do free recharge in mobile, you will also need internet connection with smartphones, without this you will not be able to recharge for free.

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There are many ways to earn money online, but the easiest and most accurate way is to use the best recharge apps, which are mentioned below. The best thing is that you will not have to pay for using these apps, that means all these apps are available for free.

If you search on the internet, you will get a long list of apps to get recharge for free. But all of them are not true because some of them are such apps which do not provide even a single rupee.

So here I have told about those 10 popular Free Recharge Apps which are in trend right now from which you can earn a lot of money for recharge.

You can earn maximum money by sharing free mobile recharge apps with your friends. Apart from this, some contests and special offers are also arranged in which you can participate and get extra recharges.

So without taking much of your time, let us tell you how to do free recharge?

Free Recharge How To 2023

Here 10 best free recharge apps It has been told about which you have to download and use in your device and you can easily find thousands. All the apps mentioned below are excellent and all of them have some or the other quality that separates them from each other.

So you can use all these apps one by one and get maximum benefit. let’s know free mobile recharge apps About this.

1. mCent Browser

mCent is one of the oldest and best free mobile recharge app. By sharing this with your friends, you can earn at least Rs.10,000. You can get free recharge by downloading the apps present in the list of mCent. Q

By downloading this app, you can get up to Rs.2-10, you get Rs.10 per successful refer.

To use it, you have to sign up in the mCent app. There you have to click on the Refer & Earn tab and then copy the given referral link and share it with your friends.

Whenever your friend downloads this app and signs up using the code given by you, Rs.40 will be automatically credited to your account within few minutes. Isn’t this app fun?

2. Panel station

Panel station is survey based website and they are giving free Rs.300 paytm cash by completing small surveys, most of its users have already earned more than Rs.9000 from this website.

It provides 2-5 minutes survey by panel station, after completing these surveys you will get reward points. These reward points will be converted into money. If you get 1000 points then you will get these points converted into 100 rupees.

You get 1200 to 1500 reward points only after downloading Panel status from Google Play store and signing up in it.

The money earned from Points is received in the form of Paytm cash. Within one month of earning points, it has to be transferred to Paytm cash.

3. NewsDog

New addition to our list of free recharge apps is the NewsDog app. NewsDog app is like UC News app for Indian users. You can read interesting news, fun videos, popular stories every day through Newsdog app.

On signing up in this app, you get 2500 coins, whose value is equal to 50 rupees. If you share it with your friends then you will get 10 to 30 rupees per referral bonus. Even you can earn a lot by reading and sharing news.

Just keep in mind that after downloading the app, you will get the option of language selection, where you have to select Hindi language only, only then you will get the money. If you read news in it every day then you will get 25 points and you will get 20-50 points by daily check-in in the app.

4. True Balance

True balance app is new in Play Store which is made by Truecaller’s company. It also gives you free recharge money for downloading and sharing the app.

After giving the referral link to your friend, if he signs up in this app, then you will get a fee of Rs.15 immediately.

You will get this money as well as your friend. If you refer 10 people in a day then you can get 50 rupees easily.

You can earn extra money not only by referring but also by completing some given offers.

5. Earn Talktime

I do not think that I need to tell anything about it because it is written in its name itself that earn money for talking. Just the name is enough, yes friends, this is also one of the best free recharge apps from where the app can earn thousands of money so that your mobile expenses will go out easily.

You can get up to Rs 10-100 by downloading the application featured in the home page of this app. There are many apps present in it, on downloading which you can easily get more than 100 paise.

Not only this, you can also get Rs 10 talktime by sharing this app with your friends and Rs 120 per referral.

6. Ladoo

Ladoo is also an old and best recharge app from where you can do free recharge by earning money. This app is famous in India and millions of people use it daily.

All you have to do is download and sign up, go to its offers section and complete some simple tasks like downloading apps, participating in contests, or watching advertising videos.

You get 5-10 rupees per download of the app. With this app you can pay any bill other than mobile recharge.

You can send money from ladoo account to your paytm or Paypal account, where you can buy movie tickets with your earned money, do online shopping.

Keep checking this app by opening it daily so that you get information about special offers and also refer your friends to earn extra money, per referral you get up to Rs.40.

7. Slide App

Slide app is the best app to earn Paytm cash. As soon as you sign up in this, you will get 5 rupees as bonus, which will come in the account only after registering with mobile number and verifying by entering otp.

Slide app is running refer and earn program where you can earn Rs.15 per refer. You can earn 200-300 rupees every day from this app and send it to your Paytm account.

8. CashBoss

CashBoss is the best way to do free mobile recharge. It is still new in the online market and for the promotion of its app, the scheme of Refer & Earn is also present in it.

It offers Rs.15 per successful referral. And every day a competition is also organized in which you can earn a lot of money by participating. You can also earn up to Rs.5 per day by spinning the wheel.

You can also use the money earned from this app as shopping vouchers on online shopping websites like Flipkart and Amazon. That is, through CashBoss application, you can recharge internet for free in any of your SIM.

9. Kapow

Kapow is a gaming app for Android and iOS that is different from any other gaming app. Here you just have to download this one app and you can play many games. There are a variety of games on here so you won’t get bored of playing the same game.

You can get 10 rupees on signing up in this and 10 rupees in each referral. You can redeem immediately in PayTM Wallet. You can use the amount for recharge or bill payment through Paytm app.

There is no limit to refer, so you can share with your friends as much as you want. Whenever your earning reaches to Rs.50 then you can put it in your paytm account.

10. Pocket Money

This app is the best app to earn money for free. Because the ways to earn money in this are very easy. After installing the App in your device, you get money in your account within a few minutes.

Avail some of its attractive offers and get free mobile recharge and Paytm cash, free of cost, on Pocket Money. Now earn through your smartphone and pay all your bills, avail taxi rides, book movie tickets, shop, etc. all for FREE!

Ask your friends to download it by sending referral link and you will get Rs.25 per successful referral. In this, every day users get new offers through which they can win maximum amount of money.

You can recharge your mobile as soon as you get 20 rupees in your account or you can also transfer it to your paytm account. Along with this, you also get the option to transfer your earned money to the bank.

How to use free recharge apps

1. Install any of the above mentioned apps on your Android phone.

2. After that sign up with your mobile number to register in it.

3. As soon as you press the button of sign up, you will have to give your personal details like mobile number, language password and country code. Fill all these things and go ahead.

4. Now OTP will be sent to your number to verify the mobile number given by you. Verify the mobile number using this code.

5. After Verifying, click on Log In and start earning money by giving your mobile number and password.

6. Whenever you are asked to complete offers or tasks in these, you must complete them.

7. The number of times you complete your task, you will get extra money which will automatically be added to your account.

8. You can earn a lot of money by giving your referral link to your friends. The more people download those apps from your referral link, the more money you will get.


it was How to recharge free Complete information. If you are also interested in earning money sitting at home, then you can easily earn money through the above mentioned 10 free recharge apps and get rid of the inflation of mobile recharge.

Apart from these apps, if you know any other free recharge app which provides great service, then feel free to comment and tell us about it. I hope this article has been helpful for you.

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